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June 2021 Detail

Custom Booking Forms

Custom booking forms are a way to gain additional information from users when they book a desk or space and restrict booking if desired based on the answers provided.

Example uses of the custom booking form…

  • Health Screening: Create a Covid-19 questionnaire that restricts bookings based on answers provided
  • Request information for car park bookings like the registrations number or the make and model of their vehicle
  • Show information about a desk and get confirmation the user has read the detail.

You can also set up a notification to be sent when a user answers a form that blocks the booking. You can customise the feedback given to the user when blocked.

Manage who can view each office

Big list of offices? You can now edit who can view each office.

From settings > account > offices select the office you wish to restrict and click on the new “Restrict access to specific users or teams?” toggle.

From this page you can select who can view the office by selecting teams or individuals that can view. This new feature is especially useful for large businesses with offices countrywide or global office locations.

Admin Calendar Feeds

Also in this release is a new calendar feed for administrators so they can add all bookings on your account into any calendar such as Outlook or Google.

Open “My Bookings” and click on “Add Calendar” to copy the calendar feed.