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Release Log

May 2023

Attendee's on On-integrated rooms

Now, users of meeting rooms that do not integrate with Outlook or Google calendars can invite attendees to their meetings.

This long-awaited feature allows you to schedule meetings and add invitees effortlessly. Each invitee will receive an email notification containing an ICS file, enabling them to add the meeting to their own calendar seamlessly.

Edit existing Desk Bookings

We understand that mistakes happen, and preferences change. With our latest update, you can now edit your desk bookings, including the ability to change the booked desk.

Whether you accidentally reserved the wrong desk or simply desire a change of scenery, this feature provides you with the flexibility and convenience you need.

Create Meetings on Behalf of Others

Are you tired of being limited to organising meetings solely in your name? We hear you. With the appropriate role permissions, you can now create meetings on behalf of other individuals.

This feature allows for seamless coordination, and you can grant access to this functionality through Settings > User Roles (please note that it is disabled for all users by default).

Google and Azure meeting rooms in one place

We understand that some organisations have a hybrid setup due to multiple acquisitions, resulting in a mix of Microsoft (Office 365) and Google meeting rooms.

We’re delighted to announce that Clearooms now enables you to integrate both Google and Azure meeting rooms within a single Clearooms account.

This innovative solution allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds without having to choose between them.

April 2023

Visitor Management

We have now released visitor management to Labs. You can turn on this function and allow users (via the Roles settings) to log visitors from the Visitor tab or from a visitor kiosk.

Once enabled you will see a new tab in settings which allows you to show or hide visitors in the “Who is in” page (It is turned off by default)

Meeting Room Kiosk

This much requested feature is a great way to show your room availability on a big screen.

It is fully customisable so you can change the colours, brand, list order and how much information to display.

February 2023


The introduction of buildings means that where a list of offices exists they can be grouped by building.

This is also rolled into reporting so you can run reports by buildings if they have been set up

Checkin Exceptions

When checkin is enabled you can now add offices to an exceptions list. This means that check in is only relevant on some offices not all

Meeting Rules

Meeting Length: Set a maximum length of time meetings can be created for. Then optionally add exceptions to increase or decrease the length for specific rooms, teams or roles.

Number of meetings in a period: Restrict how many meetings people cab book per day, per week or per month. Exceptions to this rule can also be created to allow more or less meetings for room, team or role.

** When rooms are integrated with Google or with Outlook users may be able to bypass these rules by booking in their calendar rather than in Clearooms.

IP Address to restrict checkin

Users checking in when not actually in the office? You can now reject a check in unless the user is connected to your office network.

Add an IP range to the office in settings and enable the restriction on the check in page to turn this on.

Capacity on non-integrated rooms

If you have meeting rooms that are not integrated you can now edit the capacity. This shows the capacity in the rooms list.

December 2022

SCIM (User Provisioning)

Automate provisioning and user management in Clearooms through your existing SCIM compliant identity provider.

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is an open standard that enables automation of user provisioning. SCIM communicates between identity providers supporting SCIM (such as Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, Okta, Google, Jumpcloud) and service providers requiring user identity information (such as Clearooms).

In practice this means your users only need be managed in one place, user profiles changed in your authentication system sync over to Clearooms including (if you wish) Groups syncing to Teams and default roles/access in Clearooms.

Email Templates

Emails sent from Clearooms such as booking confirmations and cancelations or rejected meeting room bookings can now be edited with your own content including attachments.

Makes communicating with your users very specific to your business.

Meeting Rooms Rules

New scope available to allow specific roles access to edit other peoples meetings

New setting to restrict how far meeting rooms can be booking in Advance

QR Code for Meeting Rooms

Printable QR code for meeting rooms to view availability and book walk in meetings.

To print a QR code head to settings > Meeting Rooms and click on a room to set up your QR Code.

Who is in Report (AKA Receptionist report)

Schedule a report to show how is/was in the office daily, weekly or monthly

Filter who is included in the report by internal/external users, Guests, attendees of meetings or customer question answers when booking desks.

More languages supported

German and Italian languages now supported form the users profile page.

New Customer booking form type

Customer questions on desk bookings now included a "Label" option to display a statement rather than ask a question.

October 2022

Custom Roles:

Take control of your user access with our new custom role options.

Edit existing user, manager and super user roles or create your own roles with the access rights you need.

Early Checkin:

Check in can now be allowed before the booking starts, even if it is before the office working hours.

Edit Bookings

Check in can now be allowed before the booking starts, even if it is before the office working hours.

August 2022

Step out of office:

When enabled in settings users can now mark them selves temporarily out of the office without having to check out and re-book a space on return.

There is also an option to automatically check a person out if they do not return to the office with a set period of time.

Guest Allocations:

Spaces can now be allocated to "Guests" This option (in advanced allocations) means all users can book a space/desk for a guest but not for themselves or other people

Admin rights to check other in and out:

Admin users can now check other users in and out of there desks/spaces.

Meeting room Utilisation:

New dashboard for meeting room data, showing you a summary by day of the week for utilisation of your rooms including top users, average length of meetings and much more. Head over to the reports page to view.

Multi Lingual support:

User preferences now includes the option to display the portal in the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Spanish

  • Welsh

July 2022

Priority Allocation:

Release desks that are allocated to users or teams after or before a set number of hours.

This means you can allocate a desk to a person or team and if they do not book it, let's say within 2 hours from the start of the working day, the desk becomes available for others to book.

This means a person or team can have the priority over booking a desk up to a certain point in time, wether thats 24 hours before of a few hours after the start of the day.

Room Resources:

Adding resources to your meeting rooms allows users to filter on the office plan to find the room that has all the right facilities before booking.

  • Room Images

    • The view of a meeting room now displays an image of your room, you can upload and change these images from settings. We have added a generic default image so you don’t have to add one if you don’t want to.

  • Capacity of a room

    • The capacity of a room as listed in your Office 365 or Google room resource is now displayed in the header of the room for users to see.

  • Room Services - clearer visibility

    • Room resources that are available to the user/room are now displayed in the calendar view, hover over the services to see the service items.

Paxton Net2 integration

This long anticipated plugin is now available by request. Our Paxton Net2 plugin syncs your users and maps Paxton “doors” to Clearooms office’s allowing you to auto-checkin users when they access the building - no more prompts and reminders, just seamless checkins.

  • Reporting on your Paxton door access is also delivered as part of this plugin, see who is in the office based on door access and highlight people that are in the office but have not booked a desk.

  • No desk - book on automatically - This optional feature books a desk for people entering the building without a desk booked. The email notification will advise them which desk has been booked for them.

  • Notifications - Email notifications when a user enters the building without a booking to a nominated person/group email.

  • See a timeline of events from the desk booked, door entry, check in/check out

Learn more about our Paxton integration here and request access by emailing

June 2022

  • Office Plan Kiosk: Show your office utilisation and room availability on the big screen

May 2022

A big and much anticipated new feature this month with the Day/Week view. Click on "Who is in" from your offices page to see it in action.

  • Day/Week View: New look "Who is in" page that gives users a single view of the full day or week across all offices.

  • Default Landing Page: Set you account to Offices or Meeting rooms so that users are directed to the best page for your account when they login.

  • Reset users passwords: Admins can now reset a users password from the edit user page.

  • Search for users by roles from the users page.

  • Meeting Room integrations: A number of small bugs squashed

April 2022

Meeting Room Services

Book catering, equipment or anything you need directly from a meeting room booking.

Meeting room services allow you to create custom groups (Services) of items and make them available to order when booking a meeting room though Clearooms. 
Examples of Services could be  

  • Catering, with various options of sandwiches, buffets or drinks 

  • Equipment, with item such as projectors, laptops, white boards

  • Configuration, with items like "Conference set up" , "Training Set up"

Once services are created you can allocate a designated email address to send requests to and assign the "Service Manager" role to users so they can view, edit, respond to orders. 

To upgrade to Meeting Room Services open Settings > Account > Upgrades and Labs  You can start a trial of the service which lasts 10 days or purchase immediately.

Learn More

Email Branding

You can now brand all emails that are sent from Clearooms. on your account. From Settings > Account Email Branding turn on this feature and upload your logo plus add a customer footer to all emails.

March 2022

Branded Email’s

Make it personal - you can now set up branding for all emails that sent internally to your users form Clearooms.

Emails such as Check in Reminders, Booking Confirmations and user invitations.

To add branding to your emails in Clearooms open Settings > Account Email Branding.

Fire Marshalls and First Aiders

User Attributes have now been released and 2 default attributes of “Fire Marshall” and First Aider” added to your account. To assign thee attributes edit a user from Settings > Account > Users.

New custom attributes can also be added to let users see who has what attributes and where they are sitting

February 2022

Custom Times (Replaces Hourly Booking) 

 A much requested new feature this month, custom times allows you to set any increment value for booking desks. Allow users to book for 10 minutes, 15, 30  what ever is appropriate for your office. 

Visitor Management (Beta) 

We have been working on a new Visitor Management product that will allow you to manage visitors coming to your office. 

In this first Beta release you can set up a Kiosk in your reception area for visitors to sign into and view our Visitors Dashboard to manage all visitors and send notifications to the person they are visiting on arrival. 

This beta version of the product is available on your account by request only. Please contact us here to request access. 

Access to Billing 

User Roles have had an upgrade and you can now give access to the billing page without granting full admin access.

This new change means users all have the standard access and other permissions are added which allows you to give "Accounts" access to a standard user, or "Manager and Accounts" 

More roles will follow and this is a big step towards our new "Custom Roles" which will be delivered in March to allow you compete personalisation of roles and permissions. 

January 2022

Part Time Allocation 

Advanced allocation now allows you to allocate a desk to a user or team for part of a week. This means if you have a user that only works, say, Monday to Wednesday you can  allocate a desk to that user just for those days and leave it available on Thursday and Friday to be used as a Hot-desk. 

Allocation to multiple people and Teams 

You can also allocate a desk to more than one person or team. Let's say you have a bank of desks that is used by I.T. but you want senior managers to also be able to book these desks. Thats ok, allocate to I.T and multiple other users full time or just certain days. 



  • Checkin Via QR Code

  • Cancel Bookings in Bulk

  • Colour Preferences 

  • Meeting Room Integration updates


  • Repeat and Multi Date Booking

  • Prevent same day bookings

  • Utilisation Report


  • Multi Team Allocations

  • Automated Desk Release

  • Check Out Early

  • User Management Updates


  • Admin Knowledge Base


  • Maintenance Month


  • Find a Colleague

  • Meeting Rooms on Mobile App


  • Custom Booking Forms

  • Manage who can view each office

  • Admin Calendar Feeds



  • Hourly Booking

  • Push Notifications

  • Custom Availability Rules


  • Quick view

  • Team Allocations

  • Who's in the office today

  • New Rules to Control Bookings

  • Mobile App Launch


  • Desk Allocation




  • Check-in

  • Trace Report


  • Plan Scaling & Social Distancing Feature

  • 'Super User' Role


  • Calendar Feeds

  • Editing a Repeat Booking

  • Privacy Settings

  • Office Working Hours


  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Desk Resources

  • My Bookings View

  • Booking Desks for Others

August 2020 

  • Report Builder

  • My Default Office 

  • Booking Confirmation

  • Desk Limits


  • Contactless Meeting Room Booking