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November 2020 Detail

Hourly Bookings

Admins can now choose to allow colleagues to book desks either as full-day bookings only, or to activate hourly bookings. This means a user can now choose a start and end time to book a desk, making them available for others to use if a desk is only needed for a shorter period of time.

This can be found as a new Desk Limit, under the Hot Desk Settings tab. Minimum and maximum time booking slots can be set to manage booking durations if needed.

Plan Scaling & Social Distancing Feature

With this hot desk feature activated in the Portal, a social distance can be set so all desks within your chosen radius of a booked desk, will become unavailable to book. This makes sure there's the correct distance between desks bookings, to help towards keeping colleagues safe.

Users will see a red circle around their booking and all desks within that circle will turn grey and be unavailable to book.

'Super User' Role

This is a new user role type, so reports which have been saved within the dashboard can be viewed, but are unable to create a new report.

A person's role type can be easily changed under the Users section in the Portal settings.