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October 2020 Detail

Add Clearooms Bookings to your own Calendar

Each user can synchronise their Clearooms booking with their own calendar, to avoid having to log into Clearooms to check their bookings for the day. This is compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, Calendar (MacOS) and Microsoft Outlook 2016.
Take a look at this help guide for how to set it up in a few simple steps.

Editing a Repeat Booking

If you have a repeat booking for the same desk over a period of time, but you need to change one day out of the series, you can now cancel a day's booking, without affecting the rest of the series.

Additional Reports Field

For those using the feature to be able to book a desk on behalf of another, this can now be reflected in reports. Simply tick the 'Booked For' box when choosing which data you would like to report on.

Privacy Settings

New privacy settings have been added as an option so users can only see their own details when looking for a desk to book. Once activated, a user would only be able to see that a desk has been booked when clicking on it, not the person's name who has booked it. This is ideal for shared working spaces where all users don't belong to the same company and user details would like to be kept confidential.

Time formatting

You can now choose whether to display time in Clearooms as a 12 or 24-hour clock.

Office Working Hours

For those with several Offices in Clearooms, you can now set different working hours for each. If an office is closed on a certain day and you would like to restrict bookings, simply set the times to 00:00.

Expired User Invitations

When inviting a user to Clearooms, they need to click on the link in their email within 24 hours. If this expires, their invitation can now be resent.