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August 2020 Detail

Report Builder

A new reporting feature to be able to run and schedule reports for data on both meeting room and hot desk usage.
Reports can be custom-built to filter by each element needed.

My Office

Users can set their own default Office to display each time they log in. This is especially useful for those who have bookable desks across multiple Offices. An admin can also select an organisation-wide default office.

Booking Confirmation

Each time a user books a desk, they can now receive an email confirmation to show all details of their booking as a reminder.
An admin can choose to turn this feature on or off for their organisation.

Desk Limits

A range of settings which admins can add to their organisation or individual offices which will restrict the number of bookings which can be made on each floor plan.

  • Buffer times - Set a number of days between desk bookings so they can be suitably prepared for the next person to use
  • Usage limit - Choose a maximum total number of bookings which can be made per office per day, week or month
  • Multiple desk bookings - Restrict the number of desks each user can book per day
  • Repeat bookings - Enable a continuous desk booking for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks at a time