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September 2020 Detail

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO can now be activated to allow you to re-use existing user directory to securely authenticate Clearooms users. Support services include Active Directory, Google, Okta, OneLogin and more. For instructions on how to set this up with Google accounts click here.

Desk Resources

An Admin user can create a desk resource within the Hot Desks settings in the Portal, to be shown to users when desks are booked. Each resource can either be applied to all desks under certain Offices or added to or removed from individual desks when editing them from an Office floor plan screen.
This new feature then allows users to search and filter for the right desk when looking for one to book. For example, a user could choose to only see available desks which have a certain monitor type or are a standing desk.

My Bookings

We've added a new area within the Portal 'My Bookings' for each user to see all of their desk bookings within a calendar format.
This is accessed from the Desks tab, and will show all bookings in either a month, week, day or list view.

User Roles

When adding a user, there are now 3 types of roles to choose from:

  • Admin - Make desk and room bookings, access to reporting and all settings
  • Manager - Make desk and room bookings, access to reporting
  • User - Make desk and room bookings
Booking Desks for Others

Users with an Admin or Manager role can now book a desk on behalf of another user or for a guest.
When clicking on a desk to book, it will present the option to either click 'Book' as normal, or give the option to choose a user from the dropdown list to book for them instead.